Twitter Discourse on the Financial Realities of Midlist Writing

money_36d31So, I recently went on in a, well, let’s call it a somewhat wordy series of tweets about writing and money and my experience with those subjects.  I know talking about filthy luchre is sometimes considered gauche or boastful (I don’t make enough for it to be the latter!), or what-have-you.  But a fair number of folks seemed interested in the information, particularly new and aspiring writers, so I compiled the substance of those tweets … Read the rest

The Supreme Court: Some thoughts on McCutcheon v. FEC

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASCOTUS just handed down McCutcheon, on the all too usual 5-4 basis, striking down aggregate limits in campaign contributions. You can read the opinions here, but I’ll paraphrase Roberts’ opinion: “One dollar, one vote, bitches! Next case!”

I keed. It’s actually a fairly strong opinion, and this comes from someone who’s sympathetic to the notion that money has outsize influence in our politics.

I read Breyer’s dissent and, well, it’s not as strong. And it’s not … Read the rest

Crossing the Streams Contest Winners

And lo, I have randomly selected the two winners from the Crossing the Streams contest.  These two showed their grit and mettle on Otherearth by pulping their opponents with a bologna-filled tube sock.  Kudos to you both.

So, the winners are:

1.  Logan Moline, a/k/a “The Goresoaked Reaver,” who won a copy of A Discourse in Steel; and

2.  Meagan, a/k/a “The Merciless Lady M,” who won a copy of … Read the rest

Online Birthday Party and Egil and Nix Book Bomb

TheHammer&theBlade(corrected)So, in about two weeks, on April 3rd, I’ll turn 45. As most of you know, the Numenorean blood in my veins grants me extraordinary longevity, which means I’m about 1/5 of the way through my lifespan. I think when I’m about 230 or so I’ll consume the souls of my enemies and become an immortal lich. I may also buy an RV at that time (Silverfish, mofos!). But all that’s neither here nor there.… Read the rest

P90X3 (and X and X2) Results Pics with Star Wars accompaniment

Previous fitness posts are here.  You should read them (cuz they’re funny) but I’ll summarize.

About a year and half ago I had my tonsils removed. This sucked, impinging as it did on my Dorito consumption. But the upside of bleeding from the throat, enduring great pain, and therefore being unable to eat anything that didn’t come in a container with a Quaker on it, was that I lost about ten pounds.  When I … Read the rest

Signing for paperback release of THE GODBORN

TheGodborncleanAs is my habit with all releases, I’m doing a signing for the paperback release The Godborn, which hits shelves on Tuesday, March 4th.

If you’d like an autographed copy of the paperback version of the book and live in the United States, then just Paypal me $14.50 (and I can still do signings for the hardcover, too, though that has an all-in cost of $32.00 to U.S. addresses).  Include your shipping address, to … Read the rest

P90X3-P90X2-P90X-Insanity Hybrid

P90X3_challenge_crewYou can read my previous fitness posts here, including my early reviews of P90X3.

I purchased P90X3 when it came out and went six weeks into it. I like it a lot and recommend it.  The workouts are tough and, at thirty minutes, are easy to fit into a busy schedule.  That said, I’d done P90X and P90X2 before starting P90X3, and while doing P90X3 exclusively I found that I missed some aspects of those … Read the rest

Crossing the Streams Contest 2014

crossing_the_streamsOh, it’s on like Donkey Kong!  Streams will be crossed and Giant Stay Puft Marshmallowmen will tremble in their weird marshmallowman…sailor hats?  Yes, their weird sailor hats!

Sez you, “You blather, man!  What in the Hell are you on about?”

Sez I: “LOLWut? Oh. Uh, well, let me tell you!”

Crossing the Streams is a huge, multi-author, multi-book giveaway. Over a dozen speculative fiction writers have come together to create something very cool.  Some of you … Read the rest

What is Sword and Sorcery? With recommendations!

mouse1_sInspired by a thread on Reddit, I thought I’d write down my thoughts on some of the things that I think define sword and sorcery.  Probably lots of folks have done this, but I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway.

So Paul, tell us in a paragraph what you think characterizes sword and sorcery?

Let me first take  a moment to point out that this all just my opinion and isn’t necessarily meant … Read the rest