Continuum — a short story

Realms of WarContinuum originally appeared in Realms of War (which is now long out of print, never made it into ebook format, and is therefore impossible to find).  It’s an important bridge story between the events of Shadowstorm and Shadowrealm, books two and three of The Twilight War, and also heralds the events of The Godborn, so I thought I’d share it to make it easy for those reading the Cale stories to have … Read the rest


Because Egil is getting whomped in the 2017 Cagematch

The Boys from Dur Follin take solace in their usual fashion, owing to the priest of the Momentary God getting smacked around in the 2017 Cagematch:

Nix chuckled. “You’re getting walloped, priest.”

Egil grunted. “So it seems.”

“I’m thinking it comes from being the priest of a god no one else worships,” Nix said.

“Bah,” Egil answered.

“Could also be because you’re generally abrasive and mostly unlikable. In truth, I don’t think people

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Meanwhile, in the Trump White House (part IV)

Meanwhile, in the Trump White House (part IV):

KUSHNER, out of breath: Sir, Patrick Stewart is coming to the U.S. to fight you.


KUSHNER: This is bad!


KUSHNER: He’s Professor X, Mr. President.

TRUMP: That baldy with the Cerebellum machine or whatever?

KUSHNER: Cerebro.

TRUMP: Whatever. Just change the travel ban to keep out mutants. Boom.

KUSHNER: Won’t work, sir. No agent could stop him. He could just implant a suggestion to let … Read the rest


Meanwhile, in the Trump Whitehouse (part III)

In the Oval Office:

PENCE:  Thou hast called for me?

TRUMP:  The Ninth Circuit upheld the ban on my ban!  So lame!  The worst!

PENCE:    No Solomonic tribunal they.





TRUMP:  Someone help me here. Steve—

BANNON, clicks heels, raises right arm:  MEIN, FUHRER!

TRUMP:  Jesus H. Sassasfras!  The Merkelese again! Doesn’t anyone speak Americanese in this building?

FLYNN: *raises hand*

TRUMP:  Anyone who is not also creepy? ‘Cause you’re creepy, Mike. … Read the rest


Meanwhile, in the Trump Whitehouse….(No. 2)

In the Oval Office:

TRUMP: Flynn, get in here!


TRUMP: This is an empty snack bowl, Mike. You see it? Empty snack bowls are sad, the worst.


TRUMP: Why is it empty, Mike?

FLYNN, hissing: Bannon.

TRUMP: Yes. And what is it empty of?

FLYNN: Uh, dignity?


FLYNN: Hope?


FLYNN: Integrity?

TRUMP: Jesus H. Sassafras, Mike. Schnitzel. It’s empty of schnitzel. And you know I love the schnitzel.… Read the rest


Meanwhile, in the Trump White House (No. 1)

In the Oval Office:

FLYNN: And so you see, Mr. President, there are suggestions that Kim Jong Un’s grip on—

TRUMP: Is that a tinfoil hat on your head?


TRUMP: I like it. Get me one, all right? Put MAGA on it. Use a Sharpie. That’s an order. Now, you were telling me about Nordstroms.

FLYNN: Sir. I was actually telling you about the South China Sea, the lizard people infiltration, and—

TRUMP: … Read the rest



final art conversationWell, this is the day.  A Conversation in Blood, the next Tale of Egil and Nix, hits shelves and ereaders.  I hope you’ll check it out.  Lots of glowing reviews coming in and I’m very grateful for those.  Instead of linking to all of them, I’ll just share a quote from a review that really left me smiling:

If you enjoy storytelling with the content sensibilities of Game of Thrones, then imagine George R.R. Read the rest


Excerpt from A Conversation in Blood

final art conversationI’ve received permission to post an excerpt from the next Tale of Egil and Nix, A Conversation in Blood, which will release on January 24, 2017.  You can, of course, preorder the book, and those who do earn my deep and abiding affection. 🙂

This is from early on in the novel and there are no spoilers.  Feel free to share far and wide.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy.


Nix ate the apples … Read the rest