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You are mistaken if you solely depend on an antivirus program to protect your computers against bits of code that pose threats to the former. While there is no doubt that an antivirus program was alone responsible for protecting computers against malicious codes when computer viruses first reared their ugly head, the scene has changed drastically over the past two decades. It is sad to notice that most computer users consider Trojans, worms, adware, keyloggers, ransomware, viruses and malware as the same thing. While all of the above-mentioned bits of code infect our computers, they all have different behaviors.

Malicious Software

Have you ever noticed the address bar of your browser change after installing some specific software? Chances are that you might not have noticed a dialogue box, seeking your permission to install another program along with the main one. Most people rarely bother to notice such a prompt, which allows them to remove the tick from the box, thereby, preventing installation of the other software. The other software might well be adware or might even contain a keylogger, which can capture all the characters you type on the keyboard and transmit them, silently in the background, to someone else. This can allow that individual to gain access to your credit card details along with its CVV number. The antivirus installed on your computer, however good its detection ratio might be, does not have the ability to detect and eliminate keyloggers and other types of malware.

Enter the Boss

This is where Stronghold Antimalware makes its presence felt. Apart from acting like an antivirus, this specialist program protects your computer against malicious bits of code, thereby keeping your private data safe from the eyes of intruders. Many individuals, in an attempt to save money, download pirated software from the net. The keygen or patch provided with these programs typically contain malware or Trojans that sit silently on your PC and cause irreversible damage when you least expect it. The Stronghold Security prevents such attacks from taking place. It works in a different way from the traditional antivirus programs. Apart from blocking all types of malware, it also prevents installation of adware based browser extensions as well as malicious browser helper objects (BHOs), that you might have unwittingly downloaded from the net.

Understand the Difference Between Antivirus and Antimalware

While antivirus programs search the hard drive for codes containing a specific pattern, the Stronghold Antimalware first removes all traces of bad codes from your computer. It then notes down the structure of the installed programs, the operating system, and the registry and stores them in a database. This program triggers whenever it detects some other program trying to change the structure of the registry and/or installed programs and quarantines the suspicious program so that it cannot cause any harm. You can find out aboutĀ its efficiency by reading some Stronghold Antimalware reviews online. Why purchase different programs for protecting it against different types of threats, when a single program, Stronghold Antimalware, can handle all of them by itself?

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