Best Posts of 2011

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Here are links to what I regard as the best posts from my blog in 2011.  You know, in case you missed them.  🙂  I divided them up into “humor,” “writing-related,” and “politics/policy,” which covers almost everything I post here.


Live-tweeting A New Hope, Mystery Science Theater style.

Live-tweeting Revenge of the Sith, Mystery Science Theater style.

Adventures in Grilling


What to do with a bad review.

Productivity, quality, and saying no.

The purpose of fight scenes.

Sticky characters.

On Anti-Heroes.

Erevis Cale turns eleven and I wax rhapsodic.

How I got started as a writer, in brief.


The tax to make Fox News happy.

Galt’s Gulch and the ex-ante regulation problem.

Capital Punishment.

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  1. I read them all but must conede that the posts with snippets of Godborn have been my favorite. Any shot at another one to ring in the New Year?

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