Book “trailer” for THE GODBORN.

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Vasen-Cale-Sundering---Tyler-JacobsonI’m doing it the hard way.


*Slow build of background sound, Zeppelin’s Battle of Evermore*

[Close up of sallow skin, so close you see only pores and pockmarks]

*Slight increase in volume. The mandolin’s notes are like screams, growing louder*

[Slow pullback of camera, facial features filling the screen, a man’s features.]

*Plant’s voice rises, soft, but audible over the mandolin: Dance in the dark of night, sing to the morning light.*

[Eyes stare out of the screen. No, not eyes. An eye and a hole. The good eye is dark, emotionless, a killer’s eye, the lens through which a murderer eyes his victims. It stakes you in place, but it’s the hole where the other eye should be that terrifies, a scar lined tunnel that leads back into the void, a divine window on the emptiness of the multiverse. It goes on, back, back, dark and unending]

[Camera continues its slow pullback.]

*Plant’s voice over the wailing mandolin, picking up volume: Oh, well, the night is long, the beads of time pass slow. Tired eyes on the sunrise, waiting for the eastern glow.*

[The narrow face fills the screen entirely now, a scarred face, a hard face, the straight, unforgiving lines of a mouth unaccustomed to smiles nesting in the dark hair of a short goatee.]

*End Battle of Evermore. Silence.*

[The eye and the hole stare out at you as the mouth twists into a sneer, an expression you’re certain was the final thing scores of men saw before they died. You’re holding your breath. You release it, slowly, quietly.]

*Silence stretches, an unbearable void of sound.*

[Finally the man’s lips form words and his deep, gravelly voice fills the quiet.]

“Let’s dance, fucker.”

*Cue Page’s guitar solo at the opening of Heartbreaker.*

[Fade to black.]

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  1. My book will arrive today. Yeah 🙂

  2. Pre-ordered on Kindle, cant wait. I haven’t been this hyped for a book in a long time.

  3. I had not listened to that song in 15 years. Now it is in my phone. Maybe LZ will split the royalty with you?

  4. I just ordered The Godborn, can’t wait to read it. I was going to wait until the end of the semester, but then I read about your little wager Paul.

  5. Nice trailer. I would go see that movie. I’ll just read the book for now. Can’t wait Paul!

  6. Can’t wait Paul, I’ll grab it from our local barn’s n nobles when it comes out. Was afraid of ordering on-line and receiving the book late. Even one day of extra wait is too long. I was only able to convince one other friend to buy it unfortunately. Everyone else will wait for an audio-book. That seems to be the new thing these days. People just download the audiobook and listen to it on their free time. while driving or at work.

  7. Only a few more hours to go. Crossing my fingers when the clock tolls midnight (EST) that it pops up on my Kindle!

  8. Next time, we film it for real. I know people. One of em’s a pretty good actor. *cough*

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