Many Bothans died to bring you this audiobook

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It’s March, and Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived will release in twenty-one days.

But on this, the first day of March, Dread Emperor Paulpatine received his author copies of the Deceived Audiobook, read by Marc Thompson.   The Emperor would like to give two copies away to loyal citizens of the Empire.

To enter, just comment either here or on the Livejournal mirror of this post.  The Emperor will draw two winners at random from all entrants.  Three important points.

FIRST, leave a relatively distinctive name with your comment.

SECOND, only enter if you’re willing to pay the price of postage to me via Paypal (sorry to require that, but so it goes).  Postage will be $5.00USD for anyone in the U.S., and anywhere between $12-20USD to international addresses.

THIRD, if you enter more than once, Emperor Paulpatine reserves the right to ship you off to the Spice Mines of Kessel.  If you’re too weak to be of service in the mines, you will be Force Choked until you die.

The Emperor will choose the winners on Monday, March 7th and announce them here.  If you choose to enter, good luck.

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40 thoughts on “Many Bothans died to bring you this audiobook

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    • For this treasure I would offer my favorite blaster or 5.00 which my bounty hunter work will easily provide.
      Imperial Bounty Hunter

    • As a fan of the Dark Side I say that as long as I get a copy, then the price was worth the paying.

    • I love Star Wars audiobooks! They are the only thing keeping me sane during long commutes. I would definitely be willing to pay shipping and would be willing to turn to the darkside to win this contest.

    • Would love to hear Marc Thompson’s performance.

      Sir, Your’re rapidly rising to be my favourite Star Wars author.

      I did enjoy Crosscurrent very much.

      Best Star Wars book in years.

  2. I would like to enter the contest, and I have $5 so no Spice Mine for me! Contact me via email above.

  3. Are you willing to take Old Republic credits? If not, I am sure that I can dig up $5.00 USD somewhere.

  4. You said leave a distinctive name yeah? Well I kinda doubt you will see my name ever again, soooo I think that means I should win, I will make you emperor of cheese sticks. This I swear.

  5. I respond to either Jason or jivjov or Jason/jivjov, or whatever is distinctive enough to count! I will gladly give you $5 for shipping for an audiobook!

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  7. Can’t wait for the release of the book. I would love to have a copy of the audio to go to my collection as well. Huge fan! Hope I win!

  8. Don’t need to count me in. My parents would kill me if I paid $20 for a book delivery. BUT GODDAMN, how can you do this to meeeeeee!

  9. I can’t wait for this to come out…what you guys are doing with the Old Republic era is really great right now.

  10. To get this, I would pay 10,000. All in advance.

    Note: (Upon receiving payment, Emperor Paulpatine may notice that the Imperial Credit/USD exchange rate has dropped significantly.)

  11. There is only One Emperor, and He protects Mankind from Xeno filth and Heretic corruption.
    But Paulpatine is a mighty Librarian, and serves the Imperium well.

  12. It will certainly be easier to listen to the book then trying to read it while I’m knitting.

  13. Looking forward to this book. Enjoyed crosscurrent from you so looking forward to the sequel to that as well. Don’t normally get audiobooks, but I’d pay shipping for an otherwise free copy.

  14. The force is very strong with my boyfriend. He is the biggest Star Wars fan I’ve ever seen and always listens to Star Wars audio books when he comes to see me. This would be an awesome birthday present and I would defiantly be willing to pay shipping.

  15. I never owned a audiobook before. A free one sounds pretty good and a good way to start out with them. If i like it maybe ill get more. Sign me up

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