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Jen is now six months along in the pregnancy.  And a baby on the way always makes me enormously nostalgic.  I’m not entirely sure why that is, but it is.  I was the same way with the boys.   Don’t get me wrong.  Things are great these days, better than ever.  But a child on the way makes me think of my own childhood and adolescence, and I turn wistful.

I don’t have any particular point, save this:  If I start yammering about how I loved Saturday morning cartoons, especially the Superfriends and Thundarr the Barbarian, or how I used to get up early on weekdays to watch Robotech on Channel 20, or talking about how I miss playing Basic D&D and AD&D in my friend’s parents basement, or how cool it was hanging out at my buddy Jeff’s in the middle of the afternoon to listen to Harry Carey call Cubs games (mostly losses, of course), or how my friends and I used to stay up all night playing-out half a season of Strato-Matic baseball (and later, Pursue the Pennant), or how cool it was to play poker for spare change at Cyrus’s or Rohloff’s, or how much fun were the all night Squad Leader tourneys Steve and Chris and I used to play (I was invariably the British or Americans, Steve invariably the Germans, Chris almost always the Russians), well, now you’ll know why.  🙂




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