Status Update on The Godborn and A Discourse in Steel

A couple brief updates about some upcoming novels.

First, I just sent the completed manuscript for The Godborn off to my editor.  Huzzah!  It’s scheduled for release in October next year, as part of The Sundering.  Really looking forward to this hitting shelves.

Second, the Amazon listing for my next novel of Egil and Nix, entitled A Discourse in Steel (a sequel of sorts to The Hammer and the Blade), has some backmatter posted.  I wanted to share it with you here:

Egil and Nix have retired, as they always said they would. No, really – they have! No more sword and hammer-play for them!

But when two recent acquaintances come calling for help, our hapless heroes find themselves up against the might of the entire Thieves Guild.

And when kidnapping the leader of the most powerful guild in the land seems like the best course of action, you know you’re in over your head…

Very much looking forward to Discourse hitting shelves, too.  It’s scheduled for release in June of next year.

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  1. So looking forward to both of these releases. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Paul!

  2. “Discourse” is going to be so, so, so much fun from the sound of it. That summary just got me even more pumped~!

    Meanwhile, the fangirl squealing that Godborn induces just got worse.

  3. This is not great, nor is it exciting or wonderful. This is EPIC people!!!

  4. You should put a countdown ticker on your site here for the Godborn release date! ; )

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