The Godborn

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the-godborn-paul-s-kemp-the-sundering_zps128cff27There are many folks finding my site via a search for “Godborn release date.”  That’s good!  But often they’re finding old posts with dated information.  That’s bad!  So today I deleted those old posts and thought I’d throw up a new post that reiterates information known to many of you already (but not to all of you, judging from the searches I mentioned above).

First, The Cycle of Night is not going to be a trilogy, Godborn has been renamed The Godborn, and it will release in October this year as part of The Sundering series.  You can read the details here.  Please go read.  I’ll wait.

*Hums.  Throws pencils into ceiling. Twiddles thumbs.*

Ok. Back?  Good!

So, The Godborn is done, done, and done, and I can’t wait for all of you to read it. I’ll be writing Realms novels after The Godborn, too, and those books will also contain some familiar faces, like __________, ____________, and ____________ (redacted for spoilers).  If you’re inclined, you can read a snippet of The Godborn here, which features two of those familiar faces.

In any event, I’m counting down the days and I hope you are too. In the meantime, I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering The Godborn(it’s over 40% off from the cover price on Amazon).  If you do, you have my thanks, as pre-orders are an author’s friend.

I will be doing my usual e-signing for The Godborn, probably sometime around the release date, so if you want a signed copy for a reasonable price, you’ll be able to get one (I take payment via Paypal; FYI).  I also plan a neat contest (subject to the approval of the powers-that-be) for print galleys of the book, which I’ll pair up with the release of A Discourse in Steel, my next Egil and Nix novel.  More on that anon.

So, there you go.  If you have any questions about any of this, fire away.

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8 thoughts on “The Godborn

  1. Hello! I have been a serious follower of all your D&D and Egil and Nix books. A huge fan, and a supporter of getting the people around me to read more books. With the book The Godborn, and reading/watching the news about The Sundering, I have been wondering if the the background story for Erevis Cale and Mask is going to be further developed? Are there going to be books later on with the story line of Mask being involved? Thank you very much for all your great stories and your continuing work. Cheers and congrats on the new child to come!


    • Alexander,

      THE GODBORN gets right to the core of Mask’s storyline and what he meant with his last words to his mother at the end of SHADOWREALM.

  2. The timing of Egil and Nix couldn’t be more perfect, tbh. Not sure if planned or so. June E+N, August The Sundering book 1, and October The Godborn!

    After reading your several teases here and there, and finishing The Last Threshold by RAS. I have good theories of where things are going on The Sundering! Makes me very excited to see if my deductive reasoning is solid or way off the mark

    Question of Egil and Nix. It was clear that those two are seasoned adventurers, who by now seek retirement. How are their strength differ in term of other adventurers or heroes/villains around the world? Would you classify them as power houses that are not to be messed with or you are entering into a world of trouble? or there are plenty of others in that world that could easily match up to them in terms of strength if not surpass them.

    I’ve always felt from the very start they were power houses in the world, not sure if that what you were meaning to portray them or not.

    • Ahmed,

      I think of them as very, very tough hombres in their world, yes. I’m not sure if they’re quite powerhouses, but they’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and overcome a lot. They are, as a result, a very formidable duo.

  3. More novels in FR by your hand = good news. 🙂
    I’ve been following your FR novels since the Erevis Cale Trilogy, so it is many years now. I’m glad you are back, Paul. I’ve already preorded the book. 🙂 Of all Sundering novels yours is the most eagerly awaited.

  4. Twilight falling was the first FR novel i’ve read. I was travelling around the globe with my backpack at that time and it was the first novel i bought so it has a special… ”flavor”! I was really disapointed when godborn was cancelled a few years ago but now i’m really glad that it is finally coming out. I saw the sundering video on youtube and when you’ve said it was time to circle back to the classic feeling of the realms i was really glad to hear it… If you ever come in Montréal i pay the steakhouse, the scotch and the cigar!

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