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I’ve posted this kind of thing before, but it’s always a humbling, wonderful thing to get mails like this.  I’m sharing this with permission.  I’ll point out, as I have in the past, that emails like this really make writing stories professionally a rewarding gig.

Mr. Kemp. I have to begin with saying, Thank you. Through the entire series following Erevis Cale I seem to have found my own faith. You may not have meant it to do so but I have. I was young when my mom passed away and I had always thought “If there was a god, then why would this happen?” and I have found a belief that in every happening there is a reason. I feel I wouldn’t be as good a husband or a father as I am now. I guess I had to grow up in a hurry. My reflection comes from Cale’s struggle with accepting Mask. I didn’t want to accept Him. Now that I have I’m able to wake up every morning and ask what does He have planned for me today. Thank you Paul. Also the Godborn, I understand I’m not a major critic, was wonderful. At first I was confused. I didn’t want to accept Vasen in the light. I had this strong want for him to be just like his father. In the end, it all came together and I understood the purpose. I promise I finished that book with a sense of fulfillment and a smile on my face. I look forward to expanding into more of your books and future releases. Thanks again sir.

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