Sword and Sorcery at its Rollicking Best

final art conversationPsst.  Hey, I gotcher sword and sorcery, rightere!

Oh, not just sword and sorcery, but sword and sorcery at. Its. Rollicking. Best.

At least that’s what Library Journal said about The Hammer and the Blade, the first Tale of Egil and Nix.  The second, A Discourse in Steel, is also available and is, I daresay, even better.  And the third, and the one I think is the best to-date, A Conversation in BloodRead the rest

Do Not Accept That This Is Normal

Look, you’re sick of politics at this point. Probably you just want to move on. The electon is over, and you’re an American, and you’re used to peaceful transitions of power and seeing the country unify behind an incoming President (even when many disagree with the President-elect politically). No doubt you just want to get back to the normal pace of life and disengage from politics/policy.
I get that. I do.
But listen — LISTEN
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New Hammer and the BladeThe third Tale of Egil and Nix, A CONVERSATION IN BLOOD, will be released in January.  If you’ve been waiting to jump into the series, now’s the time, because Egil and Nix are a cheap date.

The ebook version of the first Tale of Egil and Nix, THE HAMMER AND THE BLADE, is now available for $1.99 (for Kindle, Nook, and via iTunes).  Library Journal called it “sword and sorcery at its rollicking … Read the rest

Orange guy walks into a campaign for President….

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

Guy decides to run for President of the most powerful nation in the world. Born with millions, this guy has never shown any concern with the plight of working people, but now claims to be an advocate for them. This same guy purports to be a great businessman but his various businesses, where they haven’t failed outright, have separately filed for bankruptcy protection multiple times.

Wait. You gotta … Read the rest


Amazon now has the full listing up for the next Tale of Egil and Nix, A CONVERSATION IN BLOOD.  As ever, I greatly appreciate pre-orders.  Let me know if you do, so I can send you my personal thanks.  It means a lot.

In any event, from the jacket:

final art conversationEgil and Nix, the hard-fighting, harder-drinking fortune hunters of The Hammer and the Bladeand A Discourse in Steel, are back to test their mettle and Read the rest

A Parable of Bernie, Hilz, and Il Duce Donald

*People living in the House, going about their lives.*

Il Duce Donald: “This house is crumbling and decrepit and it’s all the fault of the brown people living in it!”

Brown people: “Wait, what’s that now?”

Hilz: “This is actually a pretty nice house. Let’s keep it that way.”

Bernie: “I don’t like the furniture in this house and it needs a new kitchen and the people in the basement need to be able to … Read the rest

Why I’m a Liberal

It’s election season and everyone who reads my wall knows I’m a liberal. Sometimes that comes as a surprise to newcomers, because I sort of fit the stereotypical Republican mold. I’m white, affluent, highly educated, a lawyer/writer (though I’ll note that I was raised in a working class home). I’m also a strong believer in the value of market forces/incentives, like to look at human nature with a cold eye (I see you there, Socialism, … Read the rest


“trib·al·ism /trībəˌlizəm/ noun: The behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own tribe or social group.”

It’d be an interesting, and perhaps different world, if, whenever any high-profile terrible event happens, those people connected to one side or the other side of that high profile event evaluated the event — its causes and impact, both present and future — through a lens devoid of tribal loyalties.

In related news, illegal violence is … Read the rest

Dear Supporters of Senator Sanders….

In January 2017, barring death/indictment/withdrawal, the United States will be led by either President Trump or President Clinton. The choice is binary.

Our process is essentially a two-party system. Making would-be third party candidates irrelevant is a feature of this system, not a bug. Of course, like all institutions created and administered by human beings, it has strengths and weaknesses and gravitates toward the status quo. In theory, it is designed to result in a … Read the rest

The Green Man — a short story

ephemera 5 x 7 300dpiFor a variety of reasons I don’t write much short fiction. I wrote this over lunch a few days back. It’s inspired by something my two year old daughter said. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

If you do, check out Ephemera, which contains more of my short fiction.



A patient here, Eliza Crow, wrote this down in her journal. Her injuries prevent her from speaking understandably. I don’t know what Read the rest