SpecFic is a big goddamned tent, no?

The schisms that run through SF/F, both among authors and among reviewers/readers, puzzle me.  True, lately these fault lines seem to break along Conservative/Liberal lines, but there have been other lines in the past, and there will be others in the future.  Still, it’s puzzling because the genre has enormous scope, and there’s plenty of room for any and all types of Specfic, from Libertarian-minded Military Fantasy to Socialist-minded Weird Fiction, from hardcore Grimdark to Read the rest

Torticollis, Subluxation, and Grisel’s Syndrome : Or, What Happened to Lady D?

DinhatJen and I decided to share some of the details of my daughter’s recent medical situation. We’re doing so because the condition is rare and as we were going through what I’m about to relate, we pored over the internet looking for any information that might fit the facts and help us solve Delaney’s problem.  There wasn’t much, so we decided to put this out there as an aid to any parents whose child presents … Read the rest

P90X-P90X2-P90X3-T25 hybrid

P90X3_3So, things have been chaotic, hectic, and stressful in Kempland of late. In an effort to make things feel a bit more normal, I decided to start yet another self-created hybrid program using the various Beachbody products I’ve purchased and used (you can read all my previous fitness post by clicking on the fitness tab below).

As always, when I make these, I try to keep roughly to the P90X structure: Three resistance workouts per … Read the rest

Lords of the Sith on-sale date changed to April 21, 2015

LordsoftheSithThe on-sale date for my next Star Wars novel, LORDS OF THE SITH, has been moved from March 5, 2015, to April 21, 2015.  The reason for the move is due to your failure in the cave.  We figured you’d want some extra time to complete your training before you face Vader.

Or it’s just ordinary course publishing release date changes for reasons inscrutable to mortals.   Hard to say.

Either way, April 21 is … Read the rest

Peaceful Coexistence? Probably not, but still….

redblueThose of you who’ve taken symbolic logic learned that in a conditional statement falsity implies anything.  One of my old professors used to love to say something like, “If the moon is made of green cheese, then pigs can fly.”  The implication of the conditional is true because the premise is false.  But both premise and conclusion are nonsense.

The purpose of teaching the concept is, among other things, to show the importance of a … Read the rest

Here, have a fictional Twitter walkthrough of The Tomb of Horrors

TohOn a lark, I fictionalized (as best I could given the constraints of Twitter) a walkthrough of the legendary Tomb of Horrors, just composing it on the fly via Tweets.  I guess I was itching to play some D&D.

Maybe it’ll remind you of some of your gaming sessions.  Certainly if you’ve played through Tomb of Horrors, you’ll recognize some references here.  :-)


Hoddypeak staggered into the village today, babbling about a lost … Read the rest

On internet mobs (a follow up to my response to the Guardian piece)

As a follow up to this piece:  I read today that Damien Walter, who I think has done much to encourage internet mobs, has decided, in the face of a great deal of push back (an example; here’s another) against his most recent piece in the Guardian, to withdraw from the internet for a week to meditate. I don’t know if that’s true (I appear to be blocked from his Twitter feed, Read the rest

Science Fiction’s War of Worlds? Really?

Damien Walter recently published a piece at the Guardian entitled, “Science Fiction’s Real Life War of Worlds.”  You can and should read the piece yourself, but I think I’m fairly characterizing Damien’s argument when I say it goes like this:

1.  SF/F is getting more diverse (with “diversity” here implicitly defined as being more inclusive of, and, in fact including more, women, persons of color, and persons of non-hetero sexual orientation).

2. A … Read the rest